Gemini Forecast

MAY 21-JUNE 20
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Much like Taurus, Geminis are also in for a more stressful period this September. Your responsibilities increase and your hands would be quite full. There seems to be not much enjoyment around. Do not take in mental works these days, instead spend ample time for rewinding, getting the company of old friends would help these days. Some Geminis might yearn for a solitude period as well. September would ignite back the passion and romance in single Gemini people. Quite a daunting period is ahead for those into profession and academics. Keep working and do not let stress and strain take on your nerves. Natives are asked to take care of their general well-being and health for now. Some of you might risk injury in work or travel. Respiratory and cardio health issues might surface if you do not resort to preventive measures these days.

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