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FEB 19-MAR 20
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With Summer-end in sight, Pisces folks might see some negative energy on the horizon, bringing in depression of sorts. Follow good health habits and concentrate towards your general well-being. Your mental health also counts these days, and it might influence your diet strongly too. This would be a good time to resort to some sport activities to deviate yourself from the rigors of work. This September is much favorable towards weight loss or weight gain regimens for Pisces people. Fight to stay strong in your current professional standing, things might not look all that good in this arena for now. Natives are advised to go in for gardening or pursue some creative skills, the fruits of which would give satisfaction. Do not hesitate to counsel or help others around in need. Things certainly go in circles and you might be in the receiving end some days later on. Keep a check on your thoughts and go with the flow, the coast is clear and devoid of major storms for the month ahead.

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