Sagittarius Forecast

NOV 22-DEC 21
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This September, Sagittarians would be able to shine in some areas of their life. Particularly they stand upbeat in their career area. Your social life improves and you would be commanding good authority in your work place. You would be radiating a charm that attracts potential partners through the month, even total strangers would be enticed by you. This period, you would be better in handling elders and children in family. Time spent with family would be a great energy booster for the tough times ahead. Do protect your self-interest as well. Your leadership would be well accepted at home and work. The Sun in Virgo would change the way you perceive things. This would be a good time to redefine your life purposes, particularly if you are spiritually inclined. There would be a great calling for some of you from volunteering or charity agencies now.

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